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Hoop Energy

Custom Earrings

by Christie 


Christie Jones is a jewelry maker, photographer, and writer.  Her collection Hoop Energy captures the beauty of her custom designed hoop earrings made with eclectic beads through photography.  She celebrates the energy of Black women wearing hoops and compares that energy with nature and the ancestors.  She also writes poetry about her designs to explain her experience with hoop earrings growing up in South Central Los Angeles. 

She facilitates writing retreats with workshops that help participants use the Dream Journal to reflect, reconnect with self, and discover new dreams.  


She also creates gifts that inspire writing:  journals, greeting cards, and postcards.  Browse the gift shop to find gifts that allow you the opportunity to write and personalize your thoughts.  


Christie is a teaching artist that uses Arts Integration as her method of teaching.  She combines writing with visual arts, music, and jewelry making.  Attending UCLA gave her the opportunity to explore her identity through cultural and academic experiences.  She graduated with a BA in English.  She went on to earn a masters degree in Multicultural Education and another masters degree in Journalism.  She also graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Digital Audiences and a minor in Museum Studies, with an emphasis on Black arts and culture.  She has been teaching English, Journalism, and Creative Writing for over twenty years.  She has the power of optimism to resist oppression and to exhibit self-love, and she wants to share that positive energy with you!  She writes and creates digital content about Black arts and culture from a Black woman's perspective and invites you to share her journey through her blog that gives you an insight to what she has witnessed and experienced as a Black woman in America.  Her mission is to remind everyone:  BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!


What is pro Black?  It is to invest in Black people, in every area of their lives. 

What is Black pride?  It is Black people exuding confidence, joy, and self-love!

What is Black humanity? It is to eliminate all violence and oppression against Black people everywhere.

Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud!

Black Girl Magic!

Black Lives Matter!


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