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Writing Retreats

Black Writing Project empowers Black girls and women through research, journalism, design thinking, and creative writing to tell their own stories from their own perspectives.  Writing retreats spark action and creativity.

Writing retreats can be custom designed to meet the needs of your diverse group.




Get started and schedule a writing retreat today!


Black Girls DREAM

Black girls and women will use the DREAM JOURNAL, a sacred place to write down their dreams to explore the journey to manifest their wildest dreams.   They will complete journal prompts, have discussions, and share their dreams with the group.

A Woman Writing by the Window


Black girls and women will listen to the stories of other Black girls and women.  They will have discussions about the stories and what inspires them.  They will then write a story from their life experiences to share with the group.  


Black Girls CREATE

Black girls and women will complete a creative writing workbook and produce original work to include:  a play, short story, and poem.  They will tell stories about the experiences of Black girls and women from their own perspectives.

Writing a Diary
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